February 19, 2017

The Leo S. Guthman Fund is a private family foundation which aims to improve people’s lives and strengthen communities.  The Fund supports non-profit organizations which provide programs and support to unite communities and tackle the challenges of vulnerable people, improve people’s health and vitality and encourage youth to be leaders.  Through LSGF grants, many people have been given the opportunity to rise above the challenges they have faced. 
Since 2003, the Fund has provided funding to more than 300 organizations to provide programming which has touched the lives of thousands of people.  Through its funding, LSGF aims to send the message that people are capable of healing and overcoming obstacles.  A significant portion of the Fund’s grantmaking is through discretionary grants by LSGF Trustees which are given to organizations nation-wide.  The remaining funds are distributed to organizations in Chicago for social services, health, summer employment for youth, urban gardening and agriculture and other special programs.
NEW FOR 2016
In 2016, LSGF will only be accepting renewal  proposals in both the Arts and Culture and Youth Leadership Development categories as both are being phased out.  Please see the grantmaking section for other updates to the guidelines. 
NEW FOR 2017
The Summer Youth Employment grant program now has an application form: 2017 Application Form. Applications are due by 5:00 P.M. on Tuesday, January 31.