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The Fund is particularly interested in social services and programs for veterans. Proposals are accepted by by invitation only in the following areas:​

  1. Summer Youth Employment (only in spring)

  2. Social Services 

  3. Veterans Services

  4. Miscellaneous 


The Fund is in the process of phasing out arts funding and will continue to only accept proposals from existing grantee organizations. 2017 will be the final year for grants in this category.


Arts/Culture programs may still apply for Youth Summer Employment grants.


We believe that urban gardens and farms can address a number of issues which affect many Chicago communities including the inaccessibility of healthy foods and scarce green infrastructure.  We support programs that:

  • Address the lack of fresh produce in Chicago neighborhoods by growing, donating or selling healthy food in areas considered to be "food deserts".

  • Provide community-building opportunities for residents of all ages.

  • Educate neighbors about growing their own food in urban areas, especially organics.

  • Create and maintain community gardens or urban farms.

  • Are unique models of partnerships of urban agriculture or food distribution.


In 2017, LSGF will continue accepting proposals from existing grantee organizations. The Fund is making changes to its guidelines and the Youth Leadership Development category budget will be phased out.


In 2019, the Summer Youth Employment program will be invitation only. The goal of the program is to provide teens with meaningful summer employment where they earn a decent salary and learn common workplace responsibilities and etiquette. Our hope is that youth learn about the “behind-the-scenes” of running an organization and have duties which will help prepare them for future careers. Invitations to apply will be sent by January 25th.

  • Arts, science, community and cultural organizations which offer paid internships to teens can apply to LSGF for grants of up to $10,000 for their programs. Grant money should be used primarily for the teens’ stipends but a portion can be used for expenses such as uniforms, equipment, transportation, etc. Funds should not cover staff time.

  • Applicant organizations must already have existing intern programs.

  • Organizations may apply for up to three consecutive years and then must take a year hiatus before reapplying.  


To maintain flexibility, we reserve funds to meet special challenges.

  • Programs which improve people’s lives in unique ways

  • Programs that respond to national or international emergencies.